About Us

Our way of doing Business

We take pride in our, one of a kind, logistic service. Providing our clients with the the highest quality roses the market has to offer. All flowers are cut and prepared only when your order is placed; orders are offered to our award winning farms in Ecuador, and ready for shipment within four days. This is the best way to guarantee the freshest flowers at your doorstep.

Your Flower Division

Our team of highly trained and experienced representatives are ready. Farm availability may vary, but your roses will be acquired from one of our premium rose farms, and shipped in a timely manner. We are your Flower Division.

US Free Shipping

We offer free shipping to all of our clients within the continental United States

Online Customer Support

In case you have question about your recent order please use our track order feature

We Love Ideas

We’ll love to here from you, send us an message and we’ll get back at your as soon as possible

Working Together

Let us be your Flower Division and together we’ll always provide our final customer a spectacular experience. Roses bring life to every occasion and is our duty to help those in desperate need of beauty. Our award winning farms have the perfect roses for all of your customers needs.

  • Will find perfect flower
  • Take pride in the event our roses are involved
  • Have the necessary experience to serve you best
  • Can make your events beautiful
  • Waiting for your roses to show up on a random list
  • Going to be satisfied until your order is completed
  • Letting small issues get in the way of your product
  • A small company without experience




Hotline +(408) 394-7557